Discover our furniture collections

The goal is to create a home environment that is perceived as unique and allows you to fully identify with it. All CINOVA collections are designed to offer and guarantee excellent products, able to satisfy any need. Each new collection is therefore characterized by careful research, the result of a passionate experience made available to the customer.

Elegance and functionality are the key words for CINOVA.

Simple lines, decisive details, with all the charm of drowning embroidery in natural mortar applied by hand.

Thanks to its strength, ductility and breathability, the natural mortar is a material that adapts perfectly to the process, able to give the product durability over time. Since its ancient origins, the compound is configured as eco-sustainable and non-polluting due to its high breathability and non-toxicity.

Lavinia is the gentle harmony of a contemporary collection capable of furnishing with balance and taste.

Details made to last, colors that highlight the warmth of the material.

The Emma collection, with an elegant and contemporary design, is striking for its essential lines, enhanced by the insertion of the ashlar chosen by the customer and embellished by the splendour of the Murano glass reflections.

The ashlar in cement finish gives a touch of practicality and dynamism, typical of a contemporary environment.

The hot tones of walnut essence confer a timeless sense of heat and elegance, typical of the furniture that challenges the changes of the fashions.

The elegance of the details, where nothing is left to chance like the engravings enhanced by the Swarovski brightness.

The attention to every single detail and the perfection of precious finishes enhance a design of absolute elegance.

“It is not night when I do see your face, therefore I think I am not in the night; nor doth this wood lack worlds of company, for you in my respect are all the world: then how can it be said I am alone, when all the world is here to look on me?” Cit. William Shakespeare

The Viola collection in white elm shows neutral and natural tones combined with fluid lines in a play of sinuous harmonies.

Wardrobe with two sliding doors with shaped mirrors in a play of harmonious lines that enclose and embellish the elegance of Murano glass.

The fluid lines and natural tones are found in the padding of the bed where the Murano glass harmonizes the whole collection.

In addition to the "CURVED" elegance, Viola is also rationality enclosed in the simplicity of the triptych with push-pull opening.