CINOVA represents a distinctive home furnishing brand, particularly oriented to the sleeping area, with an old tradition in the wardrobes production.  

CINOVA was established 25 years ago as a company specialized exclusively in the wardrobes production and walk-in closets, but which today has a wider range of home furnishings products, especially bedrooms and the accessories related to them (lamps, carpets, perfumes, curtains and much more).

In association with FLOEMA GROUP, an italian company specialised in acoustics doors and panels, we are able to manage any kind of project. This partnership create a very dynamic synergy for them, and increase the quality of the products.

The brand, which stands out for its solid roots that refer to an all-Italian craftsmanship, has been working for years persevering high professionalism, product quality and excellent services.

At CINOVA we consider furnishing a key asset of our life, a status symbol to be shared and appreciated. Our desire, therefore, is to create harmonious domestic environments, which allow our customers to fully identify with them.

CINOVA is composed of an excellent "Made in Italy" workforce, which has always been synonymous of quality and attention to detail.


The goal is always to invest in research to find new ways to be creative and to revive the aesthetic and functional sense of the beauty of our bedrooms.

The commitment to a continuous development and updating is a key element for us, since it allows us to constantly offer cutting-edge and functional solutions to achieve a better daily life, while respecting personal aesthetic, structural and functional needs.

Through FLOEMA GROUP, in a long-term vision, we want to be able to carry any situation by ourself. By integrate new companies and developing our network, everything will be done internally. Thanks to this, we can offer you more options and advices.


Our domestic environments represent an identity that must be taken care of in every detail and facet. Our bedrooms are like children, needing special attention and care.

CINOVA owns the spirit of true craftsmanship, with particular attention to every detail. Our main mission is to produce and design a stimulating environment for people and create furniture that puts the individual at the center of attention.

Our philosophy consists in combining the best Italian quality and the expertise gained over years of experience, with the desire to constantly pursue innovation and dynamism.

Link the authenticity of our past and our strong traditions with the progress in the furniture field, though without losing our roots.